TIS Technical Industry Services (PTY) Ltd

With more 20 years experience in the field of Conveyor Belt Scrapers and related accessories in South Africa, we are confident in offering ultimately effective products coupled with consistently superior service.

Market research was initiated in South Africa over 25 years ago and established that, although about 15 Scraper companies existed, many Customers were not entirely happy with performances delivered by most scrapers. As a result of this, T.I.S. Technical Industry Services (Pty) Ltd was formed in 1996 and active marketing of our products commenced. Initially, our Scrapers were imported from Germany from our Parent Company, until we were more assured of their success and, on the 4 January 1999, we are proud to say that production of the T.I.S. Scrapers commenced in South Africa. In 2002 T.I.S. converted from a Closed Corporation to a Private Company, forming our current trading name T.I.S. Technical Industry Services (Pty) Ltd.

95% of all our Products are locally Manufactured 

Level 2 B-BBEE Status

All our Scrapers are currently manufactured at our workshop in Pomona, Kempton Park, with about 90% of our material sourced locally and only 10% imported from Germany, as we are not willing to compromise on the quality of any of our products until such time that we can source local suppliers with material that conforms to our standards. Our production has been successful to the extent that we are now, in fact, manufacturing for and supplying our Parent Company in Germany as well.

Our range of patented high-tech belt cleaning systems includes our innovative Standard Continuous Bar Scraper and our Drum Segment Scraper. The blades are made from our uniquely developed combination of hard metal (Tungsten) bonded onto a Ceramic backing which is exceptionally durable or onto a metal backing, depending on the application. Our Scrapers are fully self-adjusting due to the use of Torsion Elements, which significantly increases the efficiency of the cleaning process of the scrapers as well as the maintenance requirements.


Working to Precision is our Mission

We also have a range of Impact Absorption Stations that are adjustable on the sides to accommodate differing needs. Our Tracking Devices for training the belts utilize a method intended to get the belt centred as speedily as possible to ensure optimum performance from the conveyor system when loading of the belt occurs.

An issue that is as important as finding a Scraper that works is the maintenance that seems to go hand-in-hand with most scrapers and appears to be unavoidable. Our staff comprise of ± 20 people and a fleet of vehicles ensures that manufacturing goes smoothly and deliveries, installations and maintenance are done timeously and to our customer’s satisfaction. We also acknowledge our responsibility towards the health and safety of our employees as well as the environmental impacts our processes may have. To this end we have documented an environmental, as well as health and safety policy. These policies will assist in the development of an eventual integrated Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) management system.

These are a few Products we Provide

Standard Mini Bar Scraper
Standard Bar Scraper
Standard Bombe Bar Scraper
Parabolic Scraper
Adroit Scraper
Reversible Bar Scraper
Vario Double Hard Metal Scraper
Drum Hard Metal Segment Scraper

These are Services we Provide

T.I.S. offers a vast range of professional services to their clients, which include:

Professional and timely installation of all our products

Full maintenance contracts

Immediate break-down repairs

On-site training

Professional training courses at the T.I.S. factory

We also offer friendly and professional advice on Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems and Conveyor Belt Accessories.